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Whether you're buying a new home to move your family to Calgary or selling your house as it's time to move on, if you're looking to make the process efficient and cost-effective you'll need the services of a professional real estate agent in Calgary. We've helped numerous clients just like you with their real estate transactions, handling all of the major responsibilities so that you can focus on your move and other priorities that are important you and your family.

Buying a Home in Calgary ? How We Represent You

Buying a new home is a purchase that you'll expect to last decades and as such it's important to ensure your needs are met now and in the future. Here are a few ways we assist our home buying clients:

Finding the Homes That Suit Your Needs – During our initial consultation you can let us know about everything that you're seeking in your dream home. We'll scour the available listings throughout Calgary and provide only those that suit your needs.

Assisting with Mortgage Financing – If you will need financing to assist with your purchase, we'll be happy to help with an introduction to trusted professional lenders who can help.

Crafting the Offer and Closing the Sale– Once you find that perfect new home we'll assist you with crafting your purchase offer, negotiations with the seller, conducting the home inspection or appraisal and finalizing the closing paperwork. Start by browsing local homes on our search real estate listings page, and don't miss our handy Buyer's Guide which is filled with useful advice. If you've already found a home you're interested or would like to speak with a real estate agent, contact us.

Selling Your House or Condo in Calgary ? We Can Assist

Whether you own a small condo or a massive house, selling a piece of Calgary real estate can feel like an overwhelming task. Here are a few ways that we assist our home sales clients:

Determining Your Home's True Value – We'll begin the sales process by performing a comparative market analysis to help determine the true value of your home.

Preparing for the Sale – It's always best to spruce up your home's "curb appeal" in order to impress potential buyers. We'll share our expertise in staging your home for sale, ensuring that it looks its finest.

A Professional Marketing Approach – A professional marketing strategy is essential to attracting buyer interest. We'll leverage traditional and online marketing to get your listing in front of every potential buyer.

Ensuring You Receive the Best Price– As offers start to come in we'll provide guidance on the next steps. If you're heading into negotiations, we'll be there every step of the way to ensure you receive a fair price for your home. Be sure to view our Seller's Guide which is filled with tips and information and don't forget to sign up for your free home evaluation. If you're ready to move forward, contact us to speak with one of our home sales team.

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