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St. Anne Academic Centre School In Calgary


The St. Anne Academic Centre is located at 1010-21 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, in the community of Ramsay. It serves several inner city communities which include East Village, Inglewood, Mission, and Parkhill. The school has attendees from across the city also. SAAC’s Mission Statement is - “As a Catholic educational community, St. Anne Academic Centre offers opportunities for students to achieve their academic goals. The school principal is Norm Martin, Vice Principals are Chris Brochu and Danuta Nieumierzycki, the VP of District Programs is Elisabeth MacDonald, and the Counsellor is Debbie MacDonald.


“Recognizing individual differences, we strive to meet student needs with flexibility and

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Bishop O’Byrne High School

(Discovering our Faith, Discovering Knowledge, Discovering Ourselves)

Calgary Catholic School in the community of Shawnessy


Bishop O’Byrne High School opened in September 2001, is located at 333 Shawville Blvd SE #500, Calgary, Alberta in the community of Shawnessy. It is part of the Calgary Catholic School District which is the largest school district in Alberta and serves over 53,000 students in 105 schools located throughout Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Chestermere and Rocky View County. The school serves the surrounding communities of Sundance, Somerset, Shawnessy, Midnapore, Bridlewood, and Evanston. There are students that attend from all over greater and south Calgary. It has several feeder schools which

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Home insurance is something that you usually require if you have a mortgage . Banks or lenders are looking for what is called replacement cost insurance  . What this means is to protect your property agent the perils of fire , lightning or explosion . Insurance is based on the concept of putting you back to previous position as if you never had a loss .

Why home insurance matters ?  

Today , more than ever , the cost to replace , repair or rebuild is improving drastically . Therefore , parts , labour or materials are increasing . With so many additional costs it's important to have the right insurance thus preventing any potential shortfall . Insurance is provided by companies ,  But it's best to understand what your not covered versus what you are

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Seasonal Maintence Checklist for Home Owners

As winter Approaches us here in Canada - You want to be proactive in maintaining your home.  This will definitely save on home repair bills in the near future.  Here are some amazing tips to help with looking after your property.  Start with the Foundation of your home.  Check the walls ,floors and concrete for cracking or even deterioration.  Check your grading- if it snows in your area- you want to avoid the build up- as soon as it arrives.  If it rains, where you are , check the basement for leakage or crawlspace after heavy rain.  Make sure the decks, patios, porch stairs are taken care of.  Seasonal weathering will happen in all weather conditions.

Roofs - The protection of your home

Always keep

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Get into the holiday spirit this year in Calgary -here are some community events that are happening .  There are arts and craft events that are happening in and around town.  Have you seen the Christmas lights in and around this amazing city ? There are a ton of activities between now and New Year's day that might be of Interest to you and your Family.   There are lots of events and things to checkout during the week or weekend -depending on your schedule .

We will soon see if there is a white Christmas in this city .  Here in Calgary the Festival of Lights is truly a site too see.  As winter sets in - here are a few suggestions . The polar express train ride at aspen riding.  Places  like south centre or chinook mall have been zoos with all the people

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Renovation capital is spent to maximize the curb and interior appeal that buyers are looking for.  Common examples include paint , current flooring , kitchens , bathrooms , updates of hot water tanks , furnaces or even roofs. Renovations to rent are completed for a specific use in mind . Most uses include a buyer who wants to live in the home or for an investor who has a buy and hold strategy in place . The purpose of buy and hold is to secure maximum cash flow over a long period of time. 

A purchase and renovation strategy is used for things including collecting maximum rent , mitigating future risk, attracting higher profile tenants , increasing the value of the property , potentially suiting the property. There are many sources that help find that

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How You Can Help Your Children Settle into a New Community

If your family is new to Calgary and getting your children acquainted with the new community is at the top of your list, there are a few things you can do as soon as you arrive to make your kids feel home right from the start. With a bevy of options for youngsters and plenty of lively communities in which to make a home, here are a few sure-fire ways to get your children enthused before they have a chance to miss their old stomping grounds.

Make a Visit to the Library

With a number of locations all over the city, the Calgary Public Library is a great place for your children to hang out for hours on end, whether they choose to partake in the programming at the local branch or just want to

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There are always good opportunities to become a homeowner especially in the winter.  With less active buyers and when the snow flies in this town - there is always motivation in November and December.  With sales been recorded - sellers are often more motivated to sell their home during these months

Ways to determine if a seller is motivated to sell in Calgary  

Days on market. A property sitting for 120 days tells me and other professionals it either overpriced or not in good condition. Price reduces every 30 days. Seeing a home reduced tells most consumers about wanting to sell - large price reductions really show motivation. Bad upkeep or vacant homes. The homeowner either has moved out or has been transferred. The benefits of been over renovated

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Remembrance Day is a holiday in Alberta. This commemorates the sacrifices that Canadians made in armed conflicts.  At 11am, today there will be ceremony locations to where to attend and appreciate this time of year. 

Remembrance Day activities in the city include the Field of crosses along memorial drive. I drove the other day as it was very impressive with decoration and beauty. Something worth checking out if you are in the Inner city core. Visit this site to read the ranks, names, regiments of those who battled and recognize them.

Lougheed house was a Calgary barracks during the war. You can learn about the amazing things women did to help out in the 1940's.  Chinook mall has a poppy fund campaign where you can meet and see representatives.

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When you are selling a Condo in Calgary - you want the additional peace of mind that comes with being prepared for what might or might not happen. As the economy changes here are some helpful tips that can help with your future sale.

Why Condos Are Attractive in a Downturn

Reasons include being attractive due to the price point. Usually in a challenging enviroment there is more people wanting to buy condos in order to keep their expenses lower. The cost of a unit is often much more attractive than a single family home. You have your maintenace paid for by the condo board. Items including upkeep of elevators, roofs and interior items you pay into over time. Lawn or snow removal are often taken care of for you also. In a sugglish economy it is always

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